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LAPD extends BolaWrap pilot, deploys 500 devices to officers

Over 500 U.S. police agencies currently use the remote restraint devices

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Photo/WRAP Technologies

By Amanda Spence

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Police Department’s BolaWrap Pilot program has moved to its next step, which includes the deployment of 500 BolaWrap 150 devices to LAPD’s Hollywood and Central districts.

Wrap Technologies, the company behind the remote restraint device, announced the news via a press release. LAPD participated in instructor training in April, and field officers took part in training in May.

“We are looking forward to deploying the new BolaWrap 150 force avoidance tool in the field during this pilot program,” LAPD Assistant Chief Dominic Choi said. “This is an opportunity for the LAPD to provide officers with an alternative instrument to safely de-escalate challenging situations and bring subjects into custody without having to use force.”

Other agencies that have recently opted to use the BolaWrap include Nether Providence Township Police Department in Pennsylvania, according to Delco Times, and the Eureka Police Department in California, WCBU reported.

The following video shows the Avon (Colo.) Police Department successfully deploying the BolaWrap to de-escalate a call for a subject with a knife.

According to Wrap Technologies, over 500 police agencies across the country use the devices, and other agencies are currently training with them as well.

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