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5 epic K-9 takedowns

Watch these five police dogs take a bite out of crime

By Police1 Staff

Whether they’re sniffing out drugs, searching for lost civilians, or taking down bad guys, K-9s are responsible for numerous acts of heroism every day out there on the streets.

In honor of National K-9 Veteran Day, we’re saluting the brave service of police dogs everywhere with a roundup of five epic takedowns caught on video. Take a look at these K-9s taking a bite out of crime, and be sure to take a moment to honor your agency’s K-9s today.

1. Texas cop makes split-second decision to use K-9 on armed suspect

After a police pursuit ended with the suspect jumping out of his vehicle and taking a shooting stance, K-9 Officer Jeff Payne had a split-second decision to make. Quickly determining the suspect was not armed, he deployed K-9 Jurek, who took care of the rest.

2. K-9 captures golf club-wielding robber

A two-hour standoff between police and a man wielding a golf club ended when a police dog stopped the threat. Great work!

3. K-9 braves steep hills to catch hot prowl suspect

Despite ruff (get it?) terrain, this K-9 braved steep hills and even shook off a couple tumbles to get his guy.

4. K-9 and SWAT team take down perp

A police K-9 and SWAT team captured a man who claimed he had a pipe bomb and engaged them in an hour-long standoff during rush hour. Needless to say, dog: 1 – suspect: 0.

5. K-9 takes down naked carjacking suspect

A naked man fleeing police in a stolen Hummer limo met his match when officers released a K-9.