Volarious presents the new and improved V-Line 2.0

V-LINE Powering Autel Evo II. (Courtesy photo)
V-LINE Powering Autel Evo II. (Courtesy photo)

SINGAPORE — Volarious today announced several updates to the V-LINE tethered solution. V-LINE now supports the Autel Evo 2 series and the newly launched Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced which has been requested by law enforcement agencies. Secondly, for DJI Mavic 2 series, a brand new V-LINE app is launched which allows control of the drone and viewing of the tethered box data in a single unified interface. The app also allows precision take off and landing of up to 1cm accuracy which enables push button operations without using the remote control sticks.

“The goal of V-LINE is to make continuous drone flights as easy and accessible as possible. With the new autonomous features, operators can focus on the mission and less on operating the drone” says Weiliang, CEO of Volarious. “We are excited particularly about Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced thermal capabilities which is comparable to many larger drones.

V-LINE compatibility with off the shelf drones enable fleet owners to quickly enjoy the benefits of tethering their existing drones with minimal investment. V-LINE retains its industry leading compact size with built in batteries and smart tension system. The smart tension has been upgraded to be 5 times more responsive than the first version making it handle wind better.

“With the new generation of small drones entering into service, we are confident that operators will find V-LINE a useful add on which will enable more drone use cases.” said Weiliang.

With this breakthrough feature the user will be able to take off, monitor and land all with a click of a button. This is achieved with our V-LINE App that unifies the Mavic 2 interface with the V-LINE. Now you can access all control and data of the V-Line and Mavic on one device and available to the pilot at one glance. The Autonomous Landing and Takeoff will enable the drone to accurately land on the V-LINE launchpad (40cm X 40cm).

Additionally, V-LINE added compatibility to the Autel Evo 2 Series of drones enables it to be widely used for all drone operators.

Empowering sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system) such as DJI Mavic 2 series and Autel Evo 2 Series to safely and securely hover in the air for extended periods of time is a game changer.

Some of the use cases include:

  • Maritime and offshore drone operations are now possible as the V-LINE can be set up on the vessel asset.
  • Public safety operation requiring quick deployment and elevated situational awareness.
  • Improved Thermal sensors in these class of drones enable operations to carry on even in the dark.

We believe with these added new features and added compatibility, V-LINE now brings even more value to our users. More than just a drone gear, V-LINE is your upgraded tethered drone solution for your drone needs.

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About Volarious
Volarious is founded by engineers and drone operators who have years of industrial and military drone experience. We design products to enhance sUAS drones and make them perform for more use cases.

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