Bullet-Proof Clipboard Now Offers Battlefield-Level Protection to Police Officers

CLEVELAND, OH (Business Wire) -- Impact Armor Technologies brings its expertise in composite armor materials to police officers with its new Ballistic Clipboard, a bullet-proof clipboard that provides law enforcement officers reliable protection from point-blank criminal gunfire.

Developed in response to a request for local law enforcement, the Impact Armor Ballistic Clipboard provides multi-hit protection against 9mm, .357 magnum, .40 S&W, and .44 Rem. magnum rounds. In field testing, Impact Armor's Ballistic Clipboard withstood multiple shots, groupings of shots, eleven 9mm and six .44 mag rounds with no compromise, demonstrating greater stopping power than other bullet-proof clipboards.

"Routine traffic stops, warrant calls and first responses have the possibility of being some of the most dangerous moments in the field," said Matt Raplenovich, Director of Operations, Impact Armor Technologies. "A standard issue clipboard provides little in the way of reliable protection in the event of gunfire. The composite substrates in our Ballistic Clipboard provide the strength and durability to protect the officer whether from a standoff distance even to point-blank range."

The Ballistic Clipboard is reliable multi-shot protection. At less than 2 lbs., it is NIJ IIIA protection that anyone can carry. In addition, the Ballistic Clipboard is also the only clipboard that is ergonomically designed with a secure handle making it easy to grip in routine or crisis situations. Designed to exceed NIJ level IIIA specifications, the Ballistic Clipboard from Impact Armor Technologies is a formidable deterrent against criminal gunfire.

Since 2006, Impact Armor Technologies has specialized in the production of ballistic systems for the protection of vehicles, equipment and individuals. The company started out developing protection for high-threat-level military applications. Their armor technology is designed to protect against blast threats like IEDs and EFPs.

"This is no ordinary clipboard," stated Raplenovich. "The Ballistic Clipboard is the result of years of research and testing. Our technology is now available to protect police officers everywhere."

The Ballistic Clipboard is currently priced at $150 per clipboard. Volume pricing is available on a purchase of 6 or more. To purchase, call Rob Slattery at 216.906.2577 or buy online.

About Impact Armor Technologies
Impact Armor Technologies began in 2006 as a producer of high purity alumina ceramics for use as strike faces in heavy armor applications. We develop and deploy custom armor systems and armor products for unique applications, as well as ready-to-use products to meet a defined need. Our company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

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