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On-demand webinar: Unlock the missing piece: Engaging a license plate recognition (LPR) program in your community

Key insights and advantages

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In this webinar, Motorola Solutions subject matter experts share key insights about the need for license plate recognition, its most effective and important uses, and the advantages that come with having a well-rounded and complete program. Motorola Solutions offers a variety of LPR camera systems, purpose-built for your specific needs. Each incorporates our best-in-class optical character recognition (OCR) algorithm to ensure you’re capturing the most accurate license plate recognition data.

Choosing the right LPR camera or cameras for your community can be a daunting task. There are multiple factors at play and narrowing down the choices can be difficult. That is why it’s important to think about the obstacles in public safety that are most relevant to your community as well as your agency’s priorities as they pertain to your operations. The license plate scans are only one part of the equation; it’s what you do with the data, and the response by law enforcement that really matters.

The benefit of establishing a well-rounded plan for the LPR cameras in your area is that it eliminates the gaps. If your city is equipped with a camera that is best for your largest and busiest thoroughfare, the citizens on a quiet street in a calm neighborhood are left without the security that license plate readers can bring. What happens when a pattern of crime picks up in that area? Will your agency have a way to monitor the vehicles that are passing through during peak crime hours when officers may be responding to an emergency? You might be missing a critical piece. Our speakers discuss the best plan of action and the use cases where LPR can make all the difference. Find out about LPR and how it fits into one of the industries only end-to-end ecosystems of technology.


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L - R: Sean Prude, Kyle Hoertsch

Sean Prude is the Mobile Video Area Sales Manager for the Southeast Region. He has over 18 years of Public Safety Sales experience in Mission Critical LMR, Avigilon Fixed Video, Public Safety Applications and Mobile Video. For the past two and a half years, Sean has managed a team responsible for connecting Law Enforcement and the communities they serve, with Motorola Solutions Mobile Video portfolio which includes In-car and Body Worn Cameras as well as Fixed, Mobile, and Solar LPR Cameras

Kyle Hoertsch is the product development manager for Enterprise Solutions in North America at Motorola Solutions. He started at Motorola Solutions through the acquisition of Vigilant Solutions in 2018. Prior to that he had a 23-year career in law enforcement where he retired as a detective Sergeant. During the last 8 years of his law enforcement career, he created and managed the Departments license plate recognition and facial recognition programs.