20 police training tips for 2020

There is one New Year’s resolution that should be on every officer’s list ‒ to increase the time you dedicate to training this coming year

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By Police1 Staff

What if you had an extra 24 hours for some skills refreshers and police training updates? Well this year, you do. Commit now to make February 29 your #policetrainingday. Pencil in some time at the firing range, schedule an hour in the gym for some upper and lower body conditioning or download some law enforcement podcasts to catch up on current best practices in police operations.

"It is important to understand the difference between training and practice," writes Police1 columnist Duane Wolfe. "Training is what gives you the foundation of a skill. Practice is taking that training forward by dedicated repetition of those skills. Motor skills must be practiced on a regular basis or the ability to perform them will diminish and disappear over time."

We hope you will make the following police training tips from Police1 columnists and contributors part of your training calendar this year.

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