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Prison Gangs

Prison Gangs are a huge issue for police officers in locations with high levels of violence and criminal activity. With so many gang members behind bars, the violent culture of the streets becomes even more exaggerated in prison.

When analyzed in abstract terms, the intelligence process sounds vague, complicated and difficult to execute. This need not be the case
Five key factors make up the mission of security threat group intelligence gathering operations in a correctional setting
The thwarting of inmate plans for escape, drug trafficking, gang activity or assaults does not occur by chance
The gang has been considered the most violent in the city
With the popularity of “texting”, abbreviations are being added to gang documents and written in code
The plan has so many prongs in its approach, if one doesn’t find a particular device, another one surely will
This document presented a challenge to decipher
Eight inmates are sueing the correctional center, claiming the company is working with gangs to save money
Terrorists will continue to refine their tactics and improve their operational capabilities, so we’re not going to have much of that ‘luck’ left to rely upon
After more than 40 years of crime fighting, the only person to have led both NYPD and LAPD announced his retirement from law enforcement in October 2009