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Range Training

The scenarios, which are based on real-life situations, range from an actual use-of-force situation to a de-escalation using verbal communication
Police departments rely on a combination of internal and external training resources – how does your agency measure up?
Many considerations go into planning and running a firearms training class
“They hear it as they’re at the range. They respond to the threat and address it immediately and clear the building,” Maine Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck said
Three external factors can impact long-term use of these facilities
These essential resources will help police firearms trainers ensure they are preparing officers for success
Law enforcement firearms instructors are finally starting to embrace the use of video technology on the live-fire range
With great training value comes some responsibility
Here are some great products that are solid performers at the shooting range
Your duty weapon can malfunction and will run out of ammo, so train and prepare for that moment – your life depends on it