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Building an effective response plan to thwart ransomware attacks requires a methodical and considered approach
From locking servers so they can demand ransom payments to exposing incriminating files, here’s what police need to know about malicious actors online
Marc Coopwood, a 27-year law enforcement veteran, is committed to keeping the public sector safe, stable and secure in a different way than he did as an assistant chief of police
Solutions and insights for protecting public safety networks from cyberattacks
The investigation into the deadly shooting at the Allen outlet mall is ongoing, with law enforcement officials searching for a motive behind the attack
A ransomware attack on the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department computers caused a shutdown in email, in-car cameras and a database for background checks
City officials said the police website was affected as well as computer-assisted-dispatching that the fire department uses
The breach has disabled patrol vehicle laptops, forcing officers to write down details of calls they receive from dispatch
Law enforcement agencies continue to be vulnerable to cyberattacks; here’s how your agency can fight back
Focus your cybersecurity investment on initiatives that create more effort for the attacker
Preventing ransomware attacks is possible; our expert panelists offer several best practices your agency can follow to help reduce risk and mitigate potential issues
Payments could encourage additional attacks and victims still may not automatically get back their data, said FBI Director Christopher Wray
This wasn’t the first time hackers infiltrated the agency’s computer systems; hackers seized control of the police dispatch system and other data in 2018
Experts say it’s the worst known ransomware attack ever to hit a U.S. police department
The group has rejected a $100,000 payment and says it will release sensitive information if more money isn’t offered, police said
“Every police department needs to think about their threat model and that they will probably be a target at some point”
Police email and the shared lab system is now back online and prosecutors will look at re-charging cases that were dropped because of the computer issues
Chief Erika Shields said police body camera and other video is still available
The Riverside police and fire departments have been hit by a cyberattack twice in the last few weeks
The attack forced Atlanta police to performs some tasks “manually,” including writing reports by hand
Even if your organization has patched against Eternal Blue, Petya ransomware can still spread
The odds of data being corrupted, stolen and held ransom are greater than ever before, necessitating the protection of critical information
Cyberattacks on police departments are happening more frequently than ever. What can these attacks teach us about staying vigilant?
Hackers planted ransomware in 70 percent of the recording devices
The hackers encrypted the department’s management system, which holds reports, bookings and other day-to-day operational data
Police departments have become a particularly attractive target for this type of attack
Jim and Doug discuss some of the things that can be done to prevent an attack, as well as some steps to take in the event that an attack is successful