Video: Police join in on 'drive-by dunk challenge'

The game challenges players to spot basketball hoops and run out of their vehicles to dunk a ball

By Police1 Staff

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — A new challenge has hit the internet and law enforcement has started to join in. 

The Drive-by Dunk Challenge pushes players to spot lonely basketball hoops, exit their vehicles and dunk a ball, all recorded and posted to social media. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the challenge began on July 18 with an Instagram post from t.currie. 

NBA players, regular folk and even police departments are getting in on the challenge. 

Officer Gosselin with the Bloomington police showcased his talents with a video posted to the department’s Twitter. 

“The moment Ofcr Gosselin finally achieved his dream,” the tweet read.

Has your department tried the challenge yet?


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