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Facility dog Betsy is an invaluable presence at the Wrightstown Community School District, bringing joy and relief to students, staff and officers alike
“In reality, in the 2020s, if we are not looking at the digital footprint of a student of concern, we are really not doing a comprehensive threat assessment.”
While much attention is given to responding to attacks in progress, increased research provides hope for earlier intervention and prevention of school violence
The bill aims to clarify the confusion surrounding a 2023 state law that put new restrictions on officers’ use of prone restraints on students in schools
“It is no reflection on the great work our police officers were doing in schools...” Superintendent Larry Snelling said. “CPD is going to continue to do what we’ve always done: Protect our children, protect the streets”
Chicago Public Schools is seeking to remove the requirement that part-time security candidates “must have the legal authority to effectuate an arrest”
Harnett County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chris Johnson had served in law enforcement for 26 years
It’s important to remember your audience when talking to school staff about safety
Capt. John Randolph was working in his role as an SRO during a high school football game when he tripped on debris and fell onto a wood pile
The “school safety officers” do not do other police work like SROs do, but do use police radios for speedier emergency response, unlike private security guards
The Hennepin County attorney’s interpretation of the student restraint law “puts us back to where we were roughly two weeks ago, Minn. Chiefs of Police Association Executive Director Jeff Potts said