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Supreme Court

With lawmakers in limbo, I’m betting on cops and communities to win the fight against radicalization
“Landmark case [could] change the landscape of public safety for future generations.”
Justice Jackson’s district court opinions and orders provide an example of her jurisprudential work related to law enforcement
The law would allow state officers to arrest people suspected of entering the country illegally; people who are arrested could then agree to a Texas judge’s order to leave the country or face a misdemeanor charge
The court ruled against the state’s police benevolent association, stating the law was meant to prevent the release of addresses and content information, not names
This tip sheet shares a brief list of the lessons Chief Wallentine has learned during his tenure in law enforcment along with contributions from his command staff, friends and colleagues.
The state police force argued that revealing their policy on utilizing social media for investigations could potentially put public safety at risk
Law enforcement agencies have seized more than 19,000 ghost guns at crime scenes in 2021, a more than tenfold increase in five years, the Justice Department said
Isaiah Lewis’ parents argued that he was experiencing a mental health crisis and that police used excessive force
Police arrested Anthony Novak in 2016 after he created a fake police Facebook page that closely mirrored the look of Parma PD’s official page
High court personnel are showing up on college campuses, military bases and other venues to try to fill some of the force’s many vacancies
“Detective Colas’ decision to fire his weapon constituted defense of another as a matter of law,” Justice Stephen McCullough said
The court held that “a reasonable person would distinguish between a spotlight and red and blue emergency lights in considering whether the person was free to leave or otherwise terminate the encounter”
The issue was whether a fired campus officer was eligible for arbitration from a state employment body since he didn’t work for a municipality
The new development is unfolding after Mayor Eric Adams removes private sector vaccine mandate, but maintains municipal order
Al-Damany Kamau committed the execution-style murder of Det. John Sczyrek with the help of a probation officer, who smuggled a handgun into the courthouse
Prosecutors had argued the “hot pursuit” exception negated the need for a warrant
It would prohibit a person from receiving a license to carry a firearm if there’s reliable or credible risk of public safety
The previous height requirement for female officers joining Spain’s police force was set at 5 feet 3 inches tall
The order also requires the state patrol to work with the Attorney General to “carefully scrutinize” cooperation requests related to reproductive healthcare
In total, four officers were injured by projectiles and fireworks during the demonstrations, LAPD said
The decision struck down a New York law requiring people to demonstrate a particular need for carrying a gun to get a license to carry one in public
A suspect must still be warned of their Miranda rights for their confession to be used in court
In question is the protocol and use of specially trained officers known as Drug Recognition Experts, who perform marijuana sobriety tests
A lower court asserted an unlawful arrest lawsuit could only proceed with a formal declaration of innocence, but the Supreme Court disagreed
The court ruled that such reports “can and should” be disclosed when public interest outweighs confidentiality concerns
The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals determines the legality of a vehicle frisk done on an objective, and not subjective, basis
The court denies law enforcement officers qualified immunity for the arrest of a local journalist in a recent case
Justices reversed rulings in two separate cases related to use-of-force lawsuits