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Video: Motorcycle driver arrested after pursuit posted to PD’s Facebook

April 4 pursuit reached speeds of up to 115 miles per hour


MAULDIN, S.C. — An Upstate man has been charged after officials say he posted a video online of himself running from police on a motorcycle.

Derek Kellett, 26, of Mauldin is charged with failure to stop for blue lights, disregarding a traffic control device and five counts of reckless driving. The five charges stem from different videos posted to the YouTube user account “RiderLifeStyle.”

Police say the chase happened on April 4 and reached speeds of up to 115 miles-per-hour. Police suspended the chase because it got too dangerous for traffic. Investigators say they received a tip on social media that prompted the arrest. They said someone posted the video to the Mauldin Police Department Facebook page.

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