Is your SWAT team ready for rampaging Jihadis?

Preparing for combat with one or more Jihadist extremists expecting to die while carrying out his/their attacks is the biggest problem facing law enforcement

Back in late December, the NYPD conducted an anti-terrorism exercise simulating an attack on the city. A simulated team of terrorists unleashed a coordinated series of bombings and attacks around the city in this scenario. The exercise deliberately mirrored the 2008 massacre in Mumbai India. As was reported here on Police1, “It maybe recalled that in the Mumbai terror attack, 10 gunmen attacked various locations, including two luxury hotels, a hospital and a railway station.”

On the night of Nov. 26, 2008, 10 gunmen working in small cells attacked various locations in Mumbai, including two luxury hotels, a hospital and a railway station. The attacks occurred within minutes of one another and stretched on for three days as hostages were taken at several of the location killing 174 people.

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