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How transformations in traffic enforcement are balancing public safety, technological advancement and societal needs

Examining the evolving landscape of enforcement strategies
Redefining the landscape of traffic enforcement in a society increasingly focused on police reform and community safety
We have several options that may help keep our streets and highways safer for pedestrians, drivers and cops
The LAPD has stated that sideshows are growing increasingly violent; officers who respond often have rocks thrown at them or laser pointers shone in their eyes
The bill would prevent officers from pulling over motorists for reasons such as driving with an expired registration sticker, various equipment failures and driving without a seat belt
The Flock Safety technology can differentiate a gunshot from a firework and turns on video surveillance automatically when a gunshot is detected
Real-time attorney apps are here
A majority of respondents to a recent survey support revising laws to remove the authority of police over minor violations that now are grounds for a vehicle stop
Always be prepared for questions about your agency’s traffic stop responses, policy and patrol officer training