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Improving law enforcement investigations through mobile ALPR technology (infographic)

Mobile ALPR technology offers an array of benefits beyond traffic stops

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Photo by Jim Craige Photography

Photo by Jim Craige Photography

No matter how modern policing tools become, one thing remains unchanged – officers only have one pair of eyes. Instead of being limited by how much a person can observe at any given time, tools like mobile automatic license plate readers (ALPR) can work as a force multiplier in any size agency.

These high-speed cameras, mounted outside or inside a patrol vehicle, scan license plates faster than the human eye. Beyond simply identifying vehicles of interest, mobile ALPR technology offers an array of additional benefits that improve community safety and increase officer efficiency.

Download this infographic to learn:


Download the infographic to learn ways mobile ALPR technology improves community safety and increases officer efficiency.

  • Uses for mobile ALPR beyond vehicle identification during traffic stops.
  • How to deploy ALPR strategically for public safety.
  • How mobile ALPR solutions bring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • What the future of mobile ALPR capabilities looks like.

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