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On-demand webinar: Debunking the myths about automated speed enforcement

Evolving from community skepticism to buy-in

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Traffic cameras can be a controversial addition to a community’s law enforcement toolkit. From concerns about privacy to accusations of cynical money grabs, these citizen misperceptions can sometimes hold up vital public safety projects. But evidence shows that automated speed enforcement prevents traffic accidents and, most important, saves lives. Once the facts are presented, the public buy-in and support become much easier.

In this webinar sponsored by Police1 and Jenoptik, we explore the common public misconceptions about traffic cameras as well as real-life case studies that refute them. We demonstrate how the benefits far outweigh any skepticism. Our panel of law enforcement experts outlines the unique challenges and needs of three different and distinct speed zone scenarios: School safety zones, construction safety zones, and point-to-point situations (e.g., tunnels), and what your community needs to know about all of them to maximize public safety.

You will learn:

  • How speed cameras are a force multiplier.
  • Why reducing speed equals less ticketing/revenue equals a net positive.
  • Ways cameras are changing driver behavior.
  • How speed cameras enforce traffic safety laws fairly.


It was great!”

“Good, statistical information and provided avenues as to how to overcome misconceptions on their use.”

“I like that the presenters were subject matter experts.”

We have been working to implement cameras in our state so all information is appreciated.”



L - R: Dorian Grubaugh, John Rein

Dorian Grubaugh is Vice President, Sales of Jenoptik Smart Mobility Solutions Division Americas. Prior to Jenoptik, Dorian was a police officer for over 20 years, where he served as sergeant in charge of community resource and citizen’s police academy with expertise in traffic investigation and public education. After serving on the force, he began his sales career in the public safety technology sector. With over 30 years of experience in public safety, Dorian is an accomplished, seasoned sales and law enforcement professional with a unique perspective to the industry. Email Dorian at:

John Rein is a retired police captain and currently a Key Account Manager for Jenoptik Smart Mobility Solutions division Americas. Combining nearly 30 years of experience in law enforcement, public safety and private industry to successfully manage Key Account client relationships with state, county and local government specializing in Intersection Safety and Photo Enforcement Solutions. Email John at: