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ATV, dirt-bike riders attack Philly police with bricks and bottles

As officers attempted to secure a stolen dirt bike, patrol cars were kicked, windshields broken, and objects thrown at the LEOs


Photo/Facebook via FOX 29

By Ashley Silver

PHILADELPHIA — Surveillance video captured a chaotic and disturbing scene showing Philadelphia officers being violently attacked at a local gas station.

Video shared by FOX News shows several individuals riding ATVs and dirt bikes encircling patrol cars as an officer attempts to impound a dirt bike lying on the ground that was reported stolen. When the rider saw police, he crashed into one of the gas pumps and fled on foot, leaving the dirt bike on the ground.

“As officers attempted to secure the stolen dirt bike the crowd began to circle the officers while throwing bricks, bottles and other objects at them,” Philadelphia police told FOX News. “One marked police vehicle was kicked repeatedly and had it’s (sic) windshield broken with a brick before the group fled the area.”

Surveillance video shows one ATV driver doing donuts around gas pumps to serve as a distraction, while a dirt-bike rider hurled objects at a police car.

This isn’t the first incident in Philadelphia involving street takeovers by ATVs and dirt bikes. According to FOX News, the day before this incident, Philadelphia City Councilman at-large David Oh released a statement condemning another wild incident, saying “this has to stop.”

On a Twitter post shared by CBS 3 News, hordes of ATV and dirt-bike riders were caught on video driving at accelerated speeds near Philadelphia City Hall, running traffic lights and driving along sidewalks in the process.

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