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Lug nuts of Kan. first responders’ personal vehicles being loosened

Chief Emil Halfhill warned whoever is doing this mischievous act will be “charged with any damage caused by your mischievous behavior”

By Kaitlyn Alanis
The Wichita Eagle

ELLSWORTH, Kan. — The Ellsworth Police Department is warning community members about loose lug nuts on vehicles within and outside city limits.

The department has received several calls over the last few weeks regarding loose lug nuts on vehicles in addition to reports of tires coming off while vehicles are in motion. Lug nuts are used to secure tires on vehicles.

“So far about the only common theme on the vehicles involved have been, the owners are first responders (law enforcement, fire and EMS),” the department posted on Facebook. “No City or County vehicles have been found with loose lug nuts but their personal vehicles or family members vehicles have.”

No injuries have been reported, but vehicles have been damaged.

“I urge anyone reading this statement to check the lug nuts on their vehicle,” Chief Emil Halfhill posted. “If you’re unable to personally check them have someone do it for you.

“I also have a message for those involved in loosening the lug nuts,” Halfhill continued. “It may seem like a funny or minor thing to do. But when we find you, you can and will be charged with any damage caused by your mischievous behavior and also take note if anyone is injured as a result you will be charged with that as well.”

If your vehicle’s lug nuts are loose and you live in the Ellsworth area, Halfhill said to call dispatch at 785-472-4416 and ask to speak with an officer.

Ellsworth is about 115 miles northwest of Wichita.

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