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First Responders

The groundbreaking technologies paving the way for DFR
Practical uses for drones in law enforcement
Key findings from the Verizon Frontline Public Safety Communications survey
The Public Safety Wellness Center in Fairfax County will offer first responders a full range of services
“I can’t be more thankful to them,” the mother said, before hugging the deputies and presenting them with a card and bouquet of flowers
“If we didn’t have that robotic dog, we would have placed firefighters in jeopardy,” said NYC Mayor Eric Adams
Authorities have confirmed at least one storm death in Florida, but a Fla. sheriff says the death toll could be “in the hundreds”
The potential payments to EMS providers, firefighters and police officers are part of the governor’s $74.1 billion plan that goes to the state legislature
Funded by federal COVID aid, the measure would help fight crime and recruit, said Gov. DeWine
Want a free doughnut or a bowl of spaghetti? Here are retailers saying thanks to EMS providers, firefighters and police officers
Most of those workers are seeking religious or medical exemptions
For some, the bill recognizes and validates the work dispatchers have been doing all along
The short film shares interviews from police officers and firefighters who were there that day
Police officers jumped into action when high winds forced the city’s paramedics to suspend operations
The program allows Hunterdon County first responders to access detailed floor plans through an app on their phone
The number of confirmed dead has risen to 18, with 145 residents still unaccounted for
A Lenco FireCat is being credited with helping put out flames when it was too dangerous for firefighters to approach using traditional means
First responders still hope to find people alive as they comb through the rubble, said the city’s mayor
The suspect is accused of pointing the officer’s own gun at him and pulling the trigger
The bill would carry a minimum mandatory sentence of 30 years for killing federally funded law enforcement members, firefighters and EMS providers
The bonuses will go to more than 170,000 firefighters, EMS providers and police officers across the state
The #MovementIsMedicine campaign encourages first responders to stay active while learning resiliency skills
The unit will be composed of a police officer, a paramedic, a behavioral health caseworker and a social worker
A committee formed to provide input on the monument design includes representatives from FDNY and other first responder unions
The temporary raises would be paid for through federal relief funds and apply to both public and private sector employees
The Olympic-style competition for public safety and first responders is scheduled to take place June 10 - 19 in San Diego
The woman allegedly called her daughter and told her she had been shot
The law would apply retroactively to family members of first responders killed in the line of duty since 2010