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Trending topics: When cops have close calls with cars

By Police1 Staff

One of the most persistent dangers cops face every day is the perilous, unpredictable, and deadly nature of the open road. From traffic stops to runaway vehicles, we’ve compiled five of the best edge-of-your-seat vehicular encounters officers have faced on their patrols. Check them out and share your own close calls below.

Okla. cop dodges careening car

Dash cam video captures the moment when an Oklahoma officer narrowly avoided being struck by a driver.

Jaywalker slams into Ga. cop’s cruiser

Incredibly, the woman was not seriously injured.

SC cop stops driver-less runaway truck

Owner of the truck had been working on it when he lost control and was struck.

Iowa trooper, deputies narrowly avoid airborne truck

An airborne pick-up truck nearly hit two sheriff’s deputies and a state trooper.

Close call for trooper, driver during traffic stop

A trooper and a driver are nearly taken out by an out-of-control vehicle as the trooper explains the dangers of standing near the road to the driver he pulled over.