Video shows car slamming into Fla. officer's cruiser during traffic stop

An officer had warned a group of men to move onto the shoulder – out of harm’s way from passing vehicles – moments before a vehicle crashed into the cruiser

By Sarah Calams

OCALA, Fla. — Seconds before a driver plowed into a police cruiser, a sheriff’s deputy cautioned a group of men to move away from a busy highway during a traffic stop.

The incident, which happened on November 26, occurred when Marion County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office deputy Latham and corporal Marton were conducting an investigation following a traffic stop, the department wrote on Facebook.

The driver and its occupants exited the vehicle, but were close to oncoming cars on the highway. Marton told them to move onto the shoulder – out of harm’s way from passing vehicles.

“Come up on the grass. I don’t want you getting smushed in between the cars … in case someone hits us,” Marton says.

Moments later, a car slams into the cruiser and heads into the direction of where the men had previously been standing. Marton was standing in the door jamb of the cruiser when the car struck it, throwing him to the ground by the impact.

“What did I tell you boys?” Marton says after the impact. “I just told them that this could happen. And then this happens.”

Marton was uninjured and rendered aid to the driver and passenger who suffered injuries after striking the cruiser.

“Fortunately, no one lost their life in this case, but far too many emergency workers lose their lives due to the failure of motorists to obey [the Move Over law],” the department said.

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