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Police1 unveils the top police recruitment videos of 2023

Police departments nationwide are innovating with recruitment videos to attract recruits and lateral officers


NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal made an appearance in one of this year’s top police recruitment videos!

LA Port Police

The nationwide police recruitment crisis has prompted law enforcement agencies to adopt innovative strategies in their quest for new talent. Throughout 2023, police departments turned to police recruitment videos to attract fresh recruits and experienced officers looking for lateral transfers. These approaches, varying from humorous to heartfelt, aim to capture the attention of potential candidates. They showcase personal stories, promise thrilling experiences and detail what it means to serve in the noblest profession in the world.

We scoured the internet for what we believe are the best police recruitment videos of the year. We asked Police1 readers which video should take the top spot and we received nearly 2,000 votes. We don’t want to spoil your fun, so watch the videos below and the winner will be revealed at the end of the roundup.

Arlington Police Department: It’s draft day

This Texas department is looking for recruits to join their team with a report direct from the agency’s draft room! Recruiters detail everything they are looking for from recruits and lateral transfers to build a winning team. After a humorous start, the video takes on a more personal approach, profiling the experiences of individual officers at the Arlington Police Department.

Coral Gables Police Department: Welcome to our house

Warning: You’ll be humming Flo Rida’s song for days after watching this video, in which Coral Gables’ officers welcome viewers to their house — from the mat room to the training simulator.

Dover Police Department: We make small differences daily

The Dover Police Department has served the City of Dover since 1925 and this video showcases the family-like atmosphere the agency embodies.

Eustis Police Department: It’s the greatest job on earth!

Eustis Police Chief Craig Capri opens up this video with a powerful message about the options available at his agency from advanced training to serving the community in a proactive way.

LA Port Police: Shaq attack

Do you have what it takes to join the Los Angeles Port Police? NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal wants to know. In this video, the LA Port Police calls on “the big guy” to help attract new recruits.

San Francisco Police Department: I want to make a difference

Every police officer can recount the moment they wanted to become a cop and for Officer Nathan Rapolla, he caught the law enforcement bug at a young age. In this video, his mother Chloe narrates her son’s law enforcement journey.

Trussville Police Department: Images worth a thousand words

Amazing aerial footage plus a dramatic soundtrack make this recruitment video feel like a movie trailer for life in law enforcement. There’s no narration, just compelling video and images of officers in action.

Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department: We are more than just officers

In just one minute, this video encapsulates a day in the life of an officer in our nation’s capital.

And the winner of the best police recruitment video of the year, as chosen by Police1 readers, is the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department. Congratulations to all of the agencies listed above. We hope these videos result in hundreds of new recruits committed to serving your communities in 2024!