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Trending Topics: 5 of the biggest trends in 2015 policing


By Police1 Staff

In our special year-end ‘Trending Topics’ roundup, we’ve taken a look back at 2015 and selected five collections of stories that best capture the year’s hot topics. From police investigations and technology to officer safety and use of force, click the images for the full articles and be sure to tell us what trends in policing you feel were most important in 2015.

1. Targeted attacks on cops


With the recent rise in anti-police sentiment, cops need to stay vigilant now more than ever and be prepared for targeted attacks. Take a look at these five instances in which suspects carried out attacks inside police stations.

2. The danger of replica guns to cops and civilians


Replica firearms are a very real danger to both police and the public at large. They have been at the center of a number of high-profile officer-involved shootings, close calls, and lockdowns. Even with the passing of laws intended to address the issue, incidents continue to occur at an all-too-frequent rate.

3. The importance of body cams in misconduct investigations


As the use of video as a rebuttal to claims of officer misconduct continues to grow, it’s becoming more and more apparent that a camera (or cameras) can be the most vital tool a cop can have on patrol. From excessive force claims to accusations of racial profiling, these five stories capture incidents in which police departments presented video evidence as a counter to serious allegations.

4. Cops using apps to crack the case


In our increasingly connected digital age, criminals are much more likely to leave a trail than ever before. These five stories highlight how cops are finding new avenues – such as Spotify and Instagram – to crack their cases and make arrests.

5. Deadly hesitation to use force


There have been several incidents in recent months during which we have seen cops succumb to what we have come to call ‘deadly hesitation’ — failing to do what is necessary to save themselves from potentially fatal injuries. They are unnecessarily putting themselves in danger for fear of what may happen after the incident.