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The Flagstaff Police Department now has one ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator in every patrol vehicle, funded through a $100K grant from Health First Foundation Northern Arizona and Griffith Blue Heart
With the right tools and mindset, police can help save victims before EMS arrives
“Even if we only save someone once every few years with an AED it’s well worth it”
“You hear that all the time, ‘Hey you helped me out, you saved me’ … but this is one of those few times, had they physically not been there, I’d be dead,” Officer Dean Alexander said
The immediate CPR response from bystanders was vital to the man’s survival, the deputy said
Officer Brandon Griffith founded “Griffith Blue Heart” to help police have the capability to administer lifesaving techniques before firefighters or EMTs arrive
“All the stars aligned that day that he was in the office and not somewhere else doing other work,” Sergeant Brett Getman said
Linda Messo had just finished a CPR refresher course when she saw Michael Cacciopolli, who vomited and fell unconscious
The Lucas Chest Compression System helps alleviate fatigue during the delivery of CPR
Umpire Jeff Brunner fell to the ground during the first inning of the game
Officer Brett Morava and Lt. Glenn McCune have used an AED not once, but twice to save lives in the last few years