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Scott Savage on police disengagement on barricaded subject calls

How policy, training and tactics are evolving to address these volatile situations

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You respond to a call for a barricaded man with a gun in a single-family home in your city and set up a perimeter. After a few minutes, your sergeant tells an officer to pull down the perimeter and everyone on scene should return to patrol. Wait, what? Is this the policy in your jurisdiction?

Our guest today has investigated this practice and has developed training on the benefits and detriments of police disengagement on a barricaded subject call.

Scott Savage is an active-duty law enforcement officer in California. His previous assignments include SWAT, full-time assignment to a terrorism/ intelligence task force, team leader on a crisis negotiation team, field supervisor and incident commander. He is the founder of the Savage Training Group, a private law enforcement training organization, which offers an online and in-person course on Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade: Disengagement and Special Relationships. Scott’s primary area of focus is how police respond to critical incidents and crisis situations.

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