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On-demand webinar: Empowering policing: Initiating a body-worn camera or in-car video program for your police agency

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In today’s demanding law enforcement landscape, the integration of advanced technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing transparency, accountability and community trust. This webinar delves into the critical considerations and strategic steps involved in launching a comprehensive Body-Worn Camera (BWC) or In-Car Video (ICV) program tailored to the specific needs and goals of your police agency.

We discuss the key components of a successful BWC or ICV program, including technological aspects of deploying BWCs or ICVs, key software features and secure data management. Participants will also gain insights into crafting comprehensive policies that balance privacy considerations, legal compliance and operational effectiveness.

Importantly, the presentation navigates the complexities of budgeting and funding mechanisms for launching and sustaining a BWC or ICV program. Strategies for securing grants, exploring cost-sharing models, and leveraging community partnerships are highlighted to maximize resource allocation and sustainability.

You will learn:

  • How to start or expand body worn and in-car camera programs.
  • Tips on establishing hardware and software requirements, including cloud vs local, storage, redaction, sharing, access control and user permissions.
  • Insight on legal and policy requirements, such as evidence retention policies.
  • Ways to acquire funding, including grant assistance.
  • How to budget a camera program.


“I enjoyed hearing the different perspectives of body/car cams along with the training that will be given if the agency needs it.”

“Lots of great information.”

“The information on camera systems was very helpful.”



L - R: Keifer Ware, Colin McIver, Dale Robertson, Michael Vertucci

Keifer Ware, Video Product Manager with Kustom Signals, is a seasoned video product manager with a unique blend of expertise in technology and law enforcement. With a background rooted in public safety and telecommunications, Keifer brings over a decade of experience in developing innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and safety in high-stakes environments. Having spent significant time directly engaged in law enforcement and public safety, Keifer Ware possesses invaluable firsthand insights into the challenges faced by frontline professionals. This experience fuels his passion for leveraging technology to address critical needs and helped him as the lead project manager for launching the Argus video platform.

Colin McIver is the Technical Sales Engineering Manager with Kustom Signals. Colin’s role is to help find custom solutions for agencies and organizations that are working to deploy a body worn video or in-car video program. Colin has an extensive background working with agencies and organizations of all sizes to come up with deployments that meet their budget and, most importantly, the needs of their community. Aside from his responsibilities to aid the customer sales process, Colin also spearheaded the deployment processes for Kustom Signals’ local and cloud-based evidence management system, Argus Data Vault.

Captain Dale Robertson, Administrative Captain with the Manchester, Tennessee Police Department, began his full-time law enforcement career in 2007 working in corrections for the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department. He left the CCSD as a patrol deputy in 2012. In September that same year he continued his law-enforcement career at the Manchester Police Department working as a Patrol Officer. During his time at MPD he held several positions including Patrol Officer, K-9 Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Patrol Captain, and his current position as Administrative Captain. As the Administrative Captain, his responsibilities are serving as the GDI (General Department Instructor), serving as the Quartermaster, supervising the SRO program, managing the FTO program, working on several grants, and assisting with department policies.

Michael Vertucci is Manager of Customer Success with Lexipol, a role he’s held for over 3 years. His team of customer success managers are directly responsible for fulling the services that are included in the Grant Assistance Program. Michael and his team were directly responsible for assisting the public safety community in obtaining over $89 million in grant funding in 2023 alone. Since the beginning of the grant assistance program, Lexipol’s grants team has assisted public safety agencies in obtaining over $400 million in grants funding.