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Is your PD thinking about starting a redaction program or making your current system better? Read these key takeaways to ensure you’re on the right path
Find out more about audio and video redaction best practices, as well as the value of procuring a video redaction service provider
Cloud-based technologies are changing the landscape of law enforcement
A ticket to Axon Week 2024 gets you access to both TASERCON and Axon Accelerate
In one video, officers rushed through the university’s business school amid a blaring alarm; commands were difficult to hear, but one officer noted, there was “blood everywhere” near a doorway
The K-9 officer yells for his dog to return to him; K-9 Sir walks slowly before falling to the ground a few yards in front of the officers, the video shows
“We love our citizens and greatly appreciate all the support that we get from you, this was definitely a case of 110% support,” Tulsa Police said
“We see there’s a, there’s like an eight-foot person beside it and another one’s inside, and it has big eyes and it’s looking at us”
Deputy Rizer pulled the child free and handed her to a bystander. He then looked for a boy who was unaccounted for and “unresponsive” somewhere in the vehicle
The suspect had already stabbed a man before LAPD located him in a parking lot
An officer’s body-worn camera shows K-9 Bear tracking the occupants of the car, who were ages 13, 15 and 16
The prison escapee lost a shoe as he ran into the woods, which K-9 Eddie used to track him down
Tony Peralta told police he decided to come forward because “his heart hurts” and that he thought about it every day
“I think I’m hit, I’m bleeding,” one of the officers can be heard saying as he realizes he was shot. “I’m okay. Let’s go, we’re good.”
As they write parking tickets and direct traffic, traffic enforcement agents are regularly assaulted, screamed at and accused of writing bogus tickets, the union said
The four hours of BWC videos show the scene after a Corvette, driven by ex-NFL player Henry Ruggs III, struck and killed a woman in a Toyota RAV4
Sgt. Rachel Discenza’s BWC showed her pointing her handgun toward where the suspect was standing. Amid an exchange of gunfire, she falls and says: “I’m shot”
“We are proud of our deputies’ abilities to serve our community by responding with precise training and applying skills that save lives,” the sheriff’s office said
The officer clung to the roof of the car during a pursuit, which ended shortly after the officer fell when the suspect drove through a ditch, breaking his back
The infant was crying when officers found the car seat, rushing to pick him up. “It’s OK, it’s OK,” one of the officers who found the child said in the BWC video
“In the end, it takes police officers with a gun and a badge and a ballistic vest to go take these individuals into custody,” the Cobb police chief said
The mayor defended the department’s account of the shooting that wounded a man
Get insider tips from Boulder County on how to plan a BWC program to make sure you don’t miss a step
Learn how this system will help you successfully capture and manage the overwhelming deluge of video evidence your department is becoming more reliant on
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BWC programs are becoming widespread. Here are a few ways you can fund yours.
The most critical aspects aren’t always obvious