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IACP TV showcases law enforcement best practices

From officer resiliency training to gun violence restraining orders, here’s a selection of programs improving officer and community safety, communications

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By Police1 Staff

Launched in 2009, IACP TV is a regular feature at the annual IACP Conference, with broadcasts around the conference hall profiling progressive law enforcement agencies and police leaders.

While this year’s IACP was a virtual event, IACP TV shows are available for viewing online. Here’s a selection of some of the agencies profiled this year.

Officer resiliency training: Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, South Carolina

Charleston County Sheriff’s office is a full-service law enforcement agency, handling criminal and civil matters in Charleston County, South Carolina. With approximately 900 employees, civil and sworn, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is going beyond the call when it comes to taking care of their community and their employees. In her efforts to do everything possible to protect both the physical and mental health of her staff, Sheriff Kristin Graziano has partnered with the Medical University of South Carolina to provide comprehensive mental health support and resilience training to every employee.

Mental health outreach: Dallas Police Department

Since its inception, the Dallas Police Department’s RIGHT Care Team has answered thousands of mental health calls. Hundreds, if not thousands, of those calls, required outreach and follow-up to be made, and more resulted in citizens getting the treatment they need by being transported to a mental health care facility. A significant benefit of the RIGHT Care Program is that it frees up personnel from answering these types of calls and allows patrol officers to answer other calls for service. The RIGHT Care Program provides immediate, community-based behavioral healthcare services that ensure continuity of care through prevention and intervention with a focus on traditionally marginalized communities.

Gun violence restraining orders: San Diego Police Department

The San Diego Police Department is committed to maintaining public safety by providing the highest quality police services to their communities. Use of Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVRO) in partnership between the San Diego Police Department and San Diego City’s Attorney’s Office continue to prevent gun violence and save lives.

Public safety taskforce: Tempe Police Department, Arizona

Mayor Corey Woods’ public safety task force brought a cross-section of the community together, from activists to neighborhood associations, to discuss the community’s expectations on how they envision the police department providing service and their recommendations.

Community relations: Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa

The relationship between the public and law enforcement is as important and challenging as it has ever been. At the Polk County Sherriff’s Office in Des Moines, Iowa, Sheriff Schneider has made that relationship top priority in order to build strong lasting relationships with the 53,000 citizens they serve, based on transparency and trust.

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