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Crime Scene Investigation

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The new Forensic Services Laboratory 117,672 square feet of office and lab space; its 152 staffers work with the nearly 300 law enforcement agencies in the state
As the detective was exiting her vehicle at the scene, the driver accelerated — striking the detective and pinning her against another car
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This crime carries with it two goals for the investigator
Judge Robert Brennan had ordered a statewide pause last year pending a review of the tests’ efficacy
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A suspect’s drinking habit was his downfall
According to lawsuits, photos from the crash scene were shared by a firefighter with a group of off-duty colleagues and a deputy trainee with some bar patrons
Portland PD has been struggling to keep up amid an acute staffing shortage
CSI photographers must know how to properly document the scene by choosing appropriate vantage points for overall, mid-range, close-up and macro photos
Find out how autonomous drones equipped with new 3D scanning technology enable public safety agencies to capture and visualize data and evidence faster and more reliably than ever before, all with minimal training
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Officers chased down the suspect and arrested him on multiple charges
The case is one of the oldest cold case murders in the county
The color and accuracy of photos taken at a crime scene are paramount to gaining a conviction