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Digital Edition: Empowering law enforcement through data sharing

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Law enforcement information sharing has improved significantly across all levels of government, improving crime prevention, response times to serial-type crimes and number of cases solved. Being able to quickly access crime data from neighboring agencies can help locate multijurisdictional criminals and identify regional crime trends. Agencies can work with each other to solve these crimes instead of independently trying to build their own case.

This digital edition, sponsored by Tyler Technologies, reviews the benefits of data sharing between agencies, identifies the roadblocks that currently prevent effective data sharing, outlines the role of technology in facilitating information sharing and details case studies that show the benefits of data sharing in action.

A pivotal evolution in law enforcement, data sharing is the transformative force driving us toward a safer future. Empowerment through collaboration, innovation in crime-solving and efficient information exchange − these are the hallmarks of the new age of law enforcement, defined by effective data sharing.

Download your copy by completing the “Get Access to this Police1 Resource” box on this page!

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