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Drunk Driving

How can you prepare your report, and yourself, for your next DUI testimony?
Make sure you’re current on your state’s driving while intoxicated and implied consent laws
"[Officer Paul Tracey] always looked out for the underdog,” Chief Kevin O’Connell said. “He was an amazing husband, a loving father and a friend to all”
Video from the crash shows the SUV striking the back of the trooper’s cruiser, then veering off to the side and hitting the officer
“Yea, because I thought somebody was on the wrong side of the (expletive) road, bro,” the driver said after the deputy asked if he was the one who called 911
Police Chief Wade Gourley praised the officer for following protocols and acting professionally
Two deputies were en route to a battery in progress call with lights and siren activated when the collision occurred
Bartender was charged with a misdemeanor for serving eight double vodka cocktails in less than three hours and letting the driver leave
The department conducted its first in-house wet lab as the DWI unit has seen a marked increase in drunken driving cases over the last two years
Officer Robert Golden remains in intensive care, but regained consciousness after being run over by a suspected drunk driver