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An untold, large number of people may be coming to Lincoln County, Nev. in late September, with some perhaps unhinged enough to try and take on the military
Cellphone carriers are now required to send first responders based on the location of the caller, rather than the nearest cell tower
First responders from several agencies worked to save a man trapped by rocks along a San Diego beach
“You have to take what you have within your training and your plans and improvise — kind of call an audible and put it to work,” said Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia
Three patients remain hospitalized in critical condition and five more in serious condition as of Friday; all officers were treated for minor injuries and released
The video shows officers evacuating homes and businesses, taking injured people to hospitals and removing road barriers to allow people to escape
Greg Yurcevich, 56, is part of the rare 15% of people who survived an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with positive neurological health, experts say
The system will now stop assigning old incidents the same priority designation as emergencies that are underway when residents reach out for help
The “safety band” spectrum used to keep first responders from getting caught in traffic en route to an emergency may be opened up for use by unlicensed Wi-Fi users