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Mass Emergency Response

The Mass Emergency Response topic contains stories about large-scale attacks or threats, often involving terrorism, active-shooter situations, or bombings. Such events require several departments and agencies to respond to the same incident, making clear communication a priority.

Our government built its public warning systems around AM radio because it’s the most reliable form of communication if disaster strikes
A detailed analysis of the Uvalde incident unveils critical flaws in active shooter response, offering vital insights for law enforcement agencies nationwide
Six steps to balancing efficiency and safety when multiple officers converge on a scene
The chatter from the radio traffic was nonstop as dispatchers and commanders managed ambulances, medical resources and officers for traffic and crowd control
“The Maui Police Department, in collaboration with other emergency response agencies, worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of our residents, coordinate evacuations, and provide support to those in need,” the report said
The video shows officers evacuating homes and businesses, taking injured people to hospitals and removing road barriers to allow people to escape
The number of active shooter incidents decreased, but the number of wounded and killed went up, in a 2022 report from the FBI
Officers exchanged gunfire with the shooter, who appeared to be a former employee of the bank
Rolling Fork officers lost cars, equipment, their station and homes after an E-4 tornado struck the town
Rolling Fork community devastated after 170-mph tornado hits small town of 2,000 people