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The U.S. southern border is being protected by a small band of deputies and police who are the front line of defense for every community in the nation
Cartel activities are not confined to the southern border states – even small towns in the least populated states are impacted
The synthetic opioid is about 50 times more potent than heroin, and an amount as small as two milligrams can be a lethal dose
Learn to navigate the complexities of state and federal grant programs
San Francisco Police Department leaders and city officials expect to launch the task force in the spring of 2024 to investigate opioid deaths and illicit drug operations as potential homicide cases
“This is borne out of the recognition that we have a lot of vexing problems on our southern border — fentanyl scourge, transnational criminal organizations that might have a footprint into the U.S. and increasingly toward our city, and the migrant crisis,” a NYPD leader stated
Independent lab validation and patent proving disruptive in war on illicit fentanyl
In just six years, fentanyl has become the prominent driver of opioid overdose deaths, going from causing about 20% of fatal opioid ODs in 2016 to causing almost all of them — 92% — in 2022
“We’re really trying to get [other departments] to try to adopt that model of responding to these overdoses, taking them seriously and starting the investigation from that night,” Chief Karl Oakman said
The Drug Enforcement Administration, Oregon State Police and the Grants Pass Police Department were among the agencies involved in the year-long investigation
The neighborhoods that had the injection sites experienced a dip in 911 calls related to crime and medical emergencies, but saw a slight increase in complaints around drug activity
“We don’t believe a return to incarceration is the answer, but restoring a misdemeanor for possession with diversion opportunities is critically important,” said Jason Edmiston, chief of police in the city of Hermiston
“They tried to treat us with fentanyl, and we tricked them with an arrest,” Sheriff Grady Judd said during a Halloween press conference
Strategies include increasing and reallocating state police staff to local drug enforcement teams and intercepting fentanyl using drug dogs and detectives
The law makes public possession a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail for the first two offenses and up to a year for additional offenses
Public Safety
Transit leaders emphasized that drug use on buses and trains reflects a nationwide crisis
Irvine police said the puppy made a “pretty quick turnaround"; the owner said this was the second time the dog had overdosed
The companies openly advertised the chemicals on social media platforms and shipped them surreptitiously to buyers, said Attorney General Merrick Garland
“I’m proud of the CHP and CalGuard’s lifesaving efforts to shut down the Tenderloin’s poison pipeline and hold drug traffickers accountable,” Gov. Newsom said
The trooper intercepted 4 kilos worth of fentanyl after pulling over a driver for erratic driving and crossing the center line multiple times
Xylazine is an animal tranquilizer that can cause human tissue to rot and lead to amputations
San Francisco saw over 200 overdose deaths, more than half from fentanyl, from January to March, a 40% increase over the same time last year
Not long after the crate was delivered, the man whose name was on the shipment showed up looking for the crate and was arrested
Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered the patrols in response to a large number of overdoses around the abandoned building
Joanne Marian Segovia used her work computer to order synthetic opioids and at least once used the union’s UPS account to ship the drugs within the country
Chief: “That’s the one thing that keeps me up at night. How I’m putting young men and women at risk every night”
Joanne Marian Segovia was arrested in an ongoing investigation into a network that was shipping controlled substances to the Bay Area from abroad