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Road to Recovery
Officer Arik Matson was shot in the head while on duty in 2020; he underwent months of treatment and had to relearn how to use the left side of his body
The “Cocaine Bear” movie is scheduled for release Feb. 24, but two former GBI agents say the film appears vastly different from reality
The film also details how predators are using social media, online video games, websites and cellphone applications for luring, sextortion and trafficking
This case involved a YouTuber who claimed a Colorado officer blocked him from recording a 2019 traffic stop
The decision could allow people to sue officers who interfere with bystanders trying to record them
Officer Palmer was living in a cold house and on reduced pay when a generous figure came to her aid
The film follows two Texas police officers in their quest to improve outcomes for mental crisis calls
Washington says he carried lessons learned from Detroit’s chief of police into his new crime thriller “The Little Things”
The Texas Dept. of Public Safety apologized for the confusion and says it’s “working to ensure this does not happen again”
The true crime case went viral when LAPD released bizarre security video of the woman in hopes of finding her killer
“I’m guessing someone’s around filming, because the dude in the truck looks like Borat”
RoboCop threw out the first pitch at Comerica Park on Tuesday evening as the Tigers hosted the Toronto Blue Jays
The Baltimore Police Department has instituted a new policy that prohibits officers from stopping people from taping or photographing police actions