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A 2021 incident turned into every officer’s worst nightmare when a suspect pulled a gun and opened fire on two deputies during a highway traffic stop
The man who shot and wounded an Albany Police Department officer was not killed by the officer’s returning fire as police initially implied
The officer is expected to fully recover and there was “no reason to believe [the shooting] was anything but accidental,” according to the Pinecrest Police Department
The officer was in uniform serving an off-duty assignment when he was shot by armed robbery suspects
LVMPD K-9 Enzo was deployed to stop a knife-wielding man who lit a fire in an apartment building; the man stabbed Enzo after being bitten
The shootout occurred when Ft. Lauderdale Police Department officers, believing the man was holding someone else in the hotel room with him, instructed him to exit the room with his hands up; instead, he emerged with a gun
“I look down and I have bright red arterial blood on my boot. You can’t help others if you’re down for the count.”
Former Yavapai-Apache Tribal Officer Preston Brogdon was pursuing medical retirement when he received a letter from the department telling him he had been terminated
The officer was shot in the hand and is expected to recover; the suspect was arrested and charged with attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer
“We are lucky we did not lose a Dallas officer that day,” Chief Eddie Garcia said. “Whether [the suspect] knew a Dallas police officer was inside that car or not, he fired into an occupied vehicle showing no regard for human life”
Officers Ella French and Carlos Yanez Jr. were shot, and French was killed while performing an August 2021 traffic stop
The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department reported that the officers’ injuries appear to be non life-threatening
A female hostage was also shot; the suspect surrendered and was arrested by Ontario Police Department officers after an hours-long standoff
K-9 Sledge survived the stab to the jugular vein and blood loss, and he is expected to make a full recovery, Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety said
A struggle began when two officers realized a man they were speaking to was carrying a gun; the man shot one officer during the scuffle before being fatally shot by the other officer
A Palm Bay Police Department officer shot and killed the man after he wounded other responding officers
“There was no way this could have been foreseen and/or avoided,” the district attorney stated. “Had [Deputy Sean] Steadman not returned fire, I have no doubt he would have been executed by [the suspect]”
After the suspect shot an officer, another officer fired shots at him, bringing the suspect to the ground
“I’m profoundly grateful for the department and the community. I love you guys,” Sgt. Elliot Anthony said, adding that he was trying not to cry
“Because of the swift actions of the two police officers who were involved and the responding officers, those officers will be going home,” Mayor Eric Adams stated
“Many will often look at this data and just see numbers, but we MUST remember that they represent heroes—fathers, mothers, sons and daughters,” the national FOP president stated
“Without our officers’ courageous actions and sacrifice, the situation could have been far worse,” Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi said
Road to Recovery
Officer Arik Matson was shot in the head while on duty in 2020; he underwent months of treatment and had to relearn how to use the left side of his body
Sergeant M. Valle fatally shot a suspected burglar after being severely wounded by multiple gunshots at point-blank range
The 2022 shooting left both officers wounded; one has not returned to police work
“It’s very frustrating ... a guy who’s got a repeated violent history continually getting out to only commit more violence,” San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit said. “We ... need to do better in protecting the community”
Officers pursued the suspect until he crashed the stolen vehicle he was driving; then he opened fire at them