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Firearms Storage

Meet Mike and Sam, who address in-vehicle storage needs for law enforcement agencies
Many agencies have resorted to the cannibalization of other vehicles in order to keep their vehicles on patrol
TruckVault’s success is rooted in meeting the unique needs of every customer
The new policy also requires departments with extra ammunition to hand it over to the Sheriff’s Department for use in training
Although an officer adheres to procedure by securing their guns in the cruiser, grinders and “pneumatic hydraulic type tools” can bypass locks, a former detective said
The woman tried to take the officer hostage at gunpoint before barricading herself in his vehicle inside the booking area for over two hours
A recent incident where a prisoner slipped her cuffs and shot an AR-15 from inside a cruiser is a critical reminder of some basic safety tactics for LEOs
Consider the dangers you may be overlooking when you take your duty weapons home and take steps to reduce your risk
This undercover cop uses a Model Y with custom, secure storage as a duty vehicle
Tufloc helps keep firearms secure and gear organized so your duty car not only gets you from call to call, but home at the end of every watch