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The rise of consumer DNA testing and open genetic databases made forensic genetic genealogy a valuable tool for law enforcement investigations
New legislation in Kentucky now requires the average turnaround time for sexual assault kit results be 60 days
Find out how this software can break down silos within your department to help solve cases faster
How to build a culture of innovation, ensure ethical use of technology, and invest in training and development to prepare your workforce for the future
Detective Lindsey Wade offers a look into the heart and science behind solving cold cases, showcasing how technology and determination can come together to illuminate the darkest of mysteries
Tune in for tomorrow’s all-new episode, where host Jim Dudley talks with Lindsey Wade about the intricacies of cold case investigations
The new Forensic Services Laboratory 117,672 square feet of office and lab space; its 152 staffers work with the nearly 300 law enforcement agencies in the state
Detective Matt Hutchison uncovers the innovative techniques and relentless pursuit that bring long-awaited closure to cases once deemed unsolvable
Tune in for tomorrow’s all-new episode, where host Jim Dudley talks with Detective Matt Hutchison about how he brings long-awaited closure to cases once deemed unsolvable
Four of seven justices found the scientific methodology is not reliable enough to allow examiners to testify that a particular gun fired a particular bullet
Funds spread over 45 communities for law enforcement toxicology crime labs, and education and enforcement programs
Discover 3 ways your department can get offenders off the street faster, identify perpetrators quickly and solve cross-jurisdictional crimes with this device
Save time and increase accuracy using this tool for collecting and analyzing live and historical data from both phone- and Internet-based communications service providers
Detective Sgt. Jon Kadner said it’s the oldest case he could find nationwide that has been solved using forensic genealogy
“This horrific crime has haunted this family, this community and this department for 49 years,” said Naperville Police Chief Robert Marshall
Police can use consumer genealogy websites after exhausting other methods and under judge supervision
The suspect admitted he had stabbed his friend multiple times, claiming the killing was done in self-defense; an investigation proved otherwise
The society, which was founded in 1990, is a members-only club in Philadelphia; the group focuses their efforts on solving cold case homicides
Moving from a patchwork of databases to an integrated LIM system has made tracking and reporting fast and easy for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
Federal, state or private grant funding may be a great option to cover the cost of a law enforcement agency’s digital forensics tools
A forensic photographer will photograph major crime scenes, traffic collisions and items of evidence as part of an investigation
How can we expect officers to recover and analyze video evidence without the proper training and tools?
Forensic science is only as reliable as the people performing the tests.
The Department of Labor predicts there will be a 17 percent increase in forensic science jobs between 2016 and 2026
Today’s law enforcement officers must have the skills and knowledge to conduct thorough digital investigations.
An evolving technology may be able to determine when a fingerprint was left behind
Cellphone forensics can help agencies examine contraband cellphones to find potential evidence
The technology has obtained admissible results in cases where traditional methods have come up empty
Evidence from up to 70K rape cases nationwide will get long-awaited DNA testing, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. announced Wednesday