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Tactical and legal experts share best practices to avoid unnecessary violent confrontations
Champaign Police Department Officer Chris Oberheim was killed in 2021; other officers shot and killed the shooter during the incident
“None of the individuals on the target list became a victim,” Sheriff Kevin McMahill said
Police believe one suspect, who is in custody, was responsible for all of the attacks
Sergeant Michael Moran was a Marine Corps veteran and had served the Cortez Police Department for 11 years
“These are some of the most challenging calls we as law enforcement respond to,” said Chief Al Jones. “Officers go into these situations wanting to save lives”
Officers shot the suspect after he opened fire at them with an AK-47 rifle; he was pronounced dead at the scene
After a two hour standoff, the robot dog helped LAPD confirm that the man, who was carrying a gun, was asleep on the bus
The officer pulled over a man who was wanted on suspicion of brandishing a weapon at a car dealership