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Police Robots

The future of policing is here — is your department ready to take the next step?
From electric vehicles to virtual reality training, these are some of the product innovations being delivered to police departments this year
In a surprise move, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently voted to allow San Francisco PD to deploy robots equipped to deliver lethal force
“We are relieved the only casualty was our robot. It’s a great example of how mobile robots can be used to save lives,” said Boston Dynamics, the company that made the robot
Law Enforcement now has a secure, easy and affordable way to obscure faces in videos and images
The RADDOG 2LE is equipped with advanced mobility, surveillance tools and patrolling functions
The 400-pound robot was meant to be a deterrent to subway crime; two human officers had to guard it at all times to keep it from being vandalized
The driver had ignored instructions to exit the vehicle for hours and continued to rev the disabled truck’s engines in an attempt to flee
After a two hour standoff, the robot dog helped LAPD confirm that the man, who was carrying a gun, was asleep on the bus
Detective Sgt. Mason Griffith was killed and another officer remains in serious, but stable condition
Opposition has grown, with many critics pointing to problems the NYPD had with their robot dog
The PD says the robot will be limited to SWAT use such as active shooter incidents, barricades and suspicious devices
Officers sent a robot into a crawlspace and found signs the suspect was burrowed deep underneath a house
As officers pursued the suspect, he ran into the golf course, began shooting at golfers and stole their cart before a standoff began with police
The board sent the issue back for further discussion and could vote in the future to let police use robots in a lethal manner in limited cases
The vote was 8-3, with the majority agreeing to grant police the option despite strong objections from some groups
The draft policy’s advancement prompted an outcry; the vote is scheduled for Nov. 29
The encounter began when the suspect took a 3-year-old boy and fled in a pickup truck, leading to a hourslong standoff
Officials said they hope the new robot will help protect first responders in certain emergency situations
Robots just might be a border patrol agent’s best friend
Agencies can capitalize on innovations to save money and repair fractured community relationships
Partnering with a computer geek friend, Minnesota officer Shawn Mahaney has worked to develop a robot that would be affordable to every agency
‘Spot’ has primarily been helping at coronavirus screening sites for the homeless, police said
Following the deployment of a robotic K-9 in February 2021, public backlash led the NYPD to send ‘Digidog’ back to the doghouse
Police were able to deliver a vape pen to the suspect with the help of robot during a standoff
Officials say the use of the robot to disarm a suspect was unprecedented and comes as agencies increasingly rely on military-grade technology
A legal look at a modern deadly force technology
Safariland experts explain how the Robotex Avatar can deploy its Tri-Chamber distraction devices.
Learn how K9s and robots can work together and how to get a program started