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Suicide by Cop

The Suicide by Cop topic page offers news, expert opinion, and advice for dealing with the possible aftermath of the unique type of officer-involved shooting that occurs when a suspect deliberately provokes an officer to shoot.

How policy, training and tactics are evolving to address these volatile situations
Falsehoods and myths when responding to mentally ill or suicidal subject calls for service
Officers should maintain awareness that any uninvited entry into a person’s home or onto their property – however they define it – could be seen as a mortal threat
Fresno police worked to de-escalate the situation several times, but the man remained agitated, threatening to force officers to shoot him
“These are some of the most challenging calls we as law enforcement respond to,” said Chief Al Jones. “Officers go into these situations wanting to save lives”
If you think so, you are out of your mind
‘From the sound of the bullets passing by my head, I would say I was inches from injury or death that evening.’
Understanding community care, emergency aid and exigent circumstances will help officers make better legal and tactical decisions
The de-escalation tactics used by the officers saved the 69-year-old’s life, said Bridgewater Police Chief Christopher Delmonte
Anecdotal evidence seems to support that suicide by cop incidents are on the rise
Law enforcement may encounter this phenomenon more frequently in the coming weeks as people seek ways to deal with COVID-19 illness or catastrophic financial losses
The man told police at the hospital that he was diagnosed the previous night and wanted to die
The person opened fire on the officers when they arrived
Officer Josh MacMillan was praised for deescalating a potential confrontation with a man who called 911 on himself
The Ninth Circuit’s recent split decision carries important implications for police training, policy and street practice
This case reminds officers of the need to give short, clear commands directing a subject to make specific movements
Some small and midsize law enforcement agencies across the state have stopped responding to certain calls because of the potential dangers
Bodycam video shows how hard police in Georgia tried to deescalate an encounter with a knife-wielding man
A firearm pointed at a container can pose a threat to an entire group of people, depending on the contents of the container
One of the most difficult and emotional calls law enforcement handles today is responding to armed suicidal subject calls
The officer shot the suspect who had opened fire on police during a suicide by cop attempt
“We don’t know how [the officer] was shot, but she was not shot by the suspect,” the department’s spokesman said
Officers have no idea what they will find when they respond to a call from a man asking that an officer be sent to shoot and kill him
This near miss reminds officers to be cautious with preconceived notions about the conduct or intentions of a suspect
Fla. Sheriff’s Office veteran Terry L. Strawn used his service handgun to kill his family at two locations before committing suicide
In a case arising from the fatal shooting by a state trooper of an armed civilian threatening suicide, the First Circuit affirmed the trooper was entitled to qualified immunity
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