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The renowned criminologist talks about the need to develop effective strategies and programs to reduce gun violence and hold offenders accountable
Firearms designed specifically to meet or exceed law enforcement standards are known for their reliability
Here’s an overview of what to keep in mind when traveling with and transporting a gun from an airport
Baltimore city leaders sued ghost gun kit manufacturer Polymer80 after seeing a rise of the untraceable weapons on city streets and in the hands of minors
Current sheriff’s office policy dictates that off-duty deputies are allowed to carry a gun as long as their blood alcohol content is below .08
“With this initiative, we understand that to drive action, we’ve got to do something a little bit different, and that’s where this initiative is going to do something a little bit different,” said David Ashford, chair of Bluegrass Crime Stoppers
The idea is to boost resources for violence prevention programs, which have been overwhelmed in some cities
“I’ve deemed it from my understanding of case law as unlawful or valid on its face,” Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Bullard stated. “My office will not be taking any action on this”
Police say at least four people were shot in an “active shooter situation” on campus; the area was under a shelter-in-place order for several hours
The handgun reportedly had 15 rounds in a clip but no bullet was in the chamber
Following the arrest, police reportedly found nine guns, more than 1,400 rounds of ammunition, several magazines and two Glock switches in his home and car
The suspect was initially wanted on robbery and burglary charges, but now faces a weapon charge
The shooter also died in the incident inside the Chesapeake store busy with Thanksgiving shoppers
Chesapeake police believe “less than 10" people have died, after officers sent rescue and tactical teams inside to render aid
A recently arrested shoplifter gave detectives a tip to their main suspect: a convicted felon who wanted to sell the items for drugs
An informant wore video and audio recording devices to meet the deputy with a plan to buy $3,000 worth of illegal guns used in crimes
Prior to the change, school resource officers stored their long-range rifles in their vehicles, which are parked in school lots during the day
The suspect will be charged with numerous weapons violations, felony domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon
A gun owner can provide police with two spent casings, which could help locate a weapon if it’s used in a crime
A gang in L.A.'s Eastside orchestrated the thefts, according to LAPD detectives
During the first half of this year, the department confiscated 863 ghost guns
The new rules update existing gun-surrender requirements for people under restraining orders, adding a requirement for LE to serve the orders
A California company that sells mail-order firearms is being sued by New Jersey’s attorney general
The man reportedly told officers he was carrying the weapon for protection
The gunman was issued a firearm owners’ ID card after a background check failed to show a 1995 aggravated assault conviction
A man has returned 27 guns that were stolen from the home of a Washington police chief
Police in the 6th District of Chicago have recovered 1,000 guns this year
The Spokane Police Department has sold 311 firearms since 2011, spokesman Officer John O’Brien said
“It’s chilling to see how this house was set up,” Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said. “The officers had no chance whatsoever.”