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LEO-run organization aims to spread prostate cancer awareness among officers

“Blue vs. Blue,” an organization run by three Indianapolis police officers, spreads awareness and supports men with prostate cancer in law enforcement



By Amanda Spence

INDIANAPOLIS — Three Indianapolis police officers have come together after surviving prostate cancer to share their experiences and bring awareness.

Officers Deon Harris and Wyonne Hale, along with retired officer Edward Gurnell, met for the first time recently, according to WTHR13.

“I was by myself. I had no one to talk to about it,” Harris explained. “I was going through a lot of emotions, depression. I didn’t know what to do.”

Harris hadn’t spoken to anyone about his cancer since his 2014 surgery – until he met two of his fellow officers.

“It was a shock. It was a slap to the face. Here I am with a year left, and I felt that I was going to die,” Hale, who had his prostate removed a year ago, said.

“A lot of young guys think they won’t get it, but it’s out there,” Gurnell added. “It’s silent – you won’t know you had it. I didn’t know I had it.” Gurnell had his prostate taken out 10 years ago.

A few months ago, Harris started the organization “Blue vs. Blue,” which spreads awareness within law enforcement in an effort to support men with prostate cancer.

“Detect it early. That’s the key right there, so we need to get out and talk to younger officers,” Gurnell said.