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Human Trafficking

The U.S. southern border is being protected by a small band of deputies and police who are the front line of defense for every community in the nation
A veteran cop who spent over 30 years policing Metropolitan Detroit writes about complex investigations into human trafficking enforcement, sting operations and homicide cases
Law enforcement can stay ahead of evolving criminal tactics through strategic investments in training and resources
The teenager texted landmarks and other “identifiable information” she was seeing, which helped the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department quickly dispatch deputies
Neither the music producer nor any of his family members were arrested during the March 25 raids; Combs’ attorney alleged that the raids were based on ungrounded accusations from civil cases
New landmark campaign leverages the Cellebrite platform and promise to accelerate justice by equipping and empowering agencies dedicated to protecting youth online
Once deputies were able to stop a pursuit with the suspect, they discovered the teen was previously identified as a human trafficking victim in South Carolina
Investigators are leveraging key advances to identify traffickers and help victims
The founder of Rescuing Hope talks about the organization’s mission to provide training and resources to identify the signs of sex trafficking
Mayor Brandon Scott: “This strategy works and it works for a reason”
Chief Dave Nisleit said the law makes it harder for officers to arrest people for human trafficking and rescue victims
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said Operation Traffic Stop had “the highest number of victims we’ve ever rescued”
The film also details how predators are using social media, online video games, websites and cellphone applications for luring, sextortion and trafficking
Predators pose as teens online to coerce young girls and boys into sharing nude photos or videos of themselves
Since its inception, the Human Trafficking Squad has made a total of 360 arrests and eight rescues
McLennan County deputies with the Human Trafficking Unit will be training the Polish border patrol to look for signs of trafficking
“The arrests of a human trafficker and four child predators alone makes this whole operation worthwhile,” said Sheriff Grady Judd
Among them, 34 were arrested on suspicion of trafficking or exploiting sex workers, according to police
Indicators may not be the settings themselves but evident through the conditions and circumstances observed in the victim
Dr. Michael Shively from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation discusses the challenges of addressing human trafficking, sexual violence and other forms of victimization
LE agencies can work with non-profit organizations to use data-driven methods to effectively (and rapidly) combat human trafficking
Investigators need specialized training and tools to fight the unique challenges of dark web criminal activity
The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) Program helps LE agencies develop an effective response to technology-facilitated child sexual abuse
Authorities initially served a search warrant at the house after receiving a call that someone was being held there
Training is a necessity and should be an ongoing priority at every police agency, but getting it done is not as simple as it may seem
Callyo provides technology that enables investigators to compile evidence more efficiently, communicate with victims and put traffickers behind bars
Officers responded after getting a call of a man running down the street yelling that he’d been kidnapped
Attorney General David Yost announced that an anti-human trafficking operation had resulted in 45 missing children being recovered
Will lessons learned from the shelter-in-place orders figure into future policing strategies and policies?