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Intelligence Analysis

With America facing a growing number of extremist threats, effective police online surveillance using open-source intelligence sources can foil attacks and save lives
While the report covers many areas of improvement, one devastatingly important factor current LEOs should consider is the need to share intelligence and information
The Haltom City, Texas, Police Department was looking for a solution that allowed instant, secure collaboration compliant with relevant laws
Cellebrite Smart Search is a SaaS-based solution that securely automates the collection and review of publicly available online data
The department said they still rely on public information, which came into play recently when a woman called police about a man walking toward a high school with a weapon
The features provided by advanced license plate recognition provide law enforcement with a range of tactical and investigatory advantages
Find out how powerful software programs can provide actionable intelligence that helps law enforcement agencies solve, reduce and even prevent crime
An increase in information sharing and an emphasis on collecting intelligence data were two of the biggest changes
Phoenix PD is empowering patrol officers to spearhead intelligence-led problem-solving initiatives in their precincts
When analyzed in abstract terms, the intelligence process sounds vague, complicated and difficult to execute. This need not be the case
Five key factors make up the mission of security threat group intelligence gathering operations in a correctional setting