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Improve safety and accuracy with components that adapt to changing technology
For Anthony Flores and Steven Montroy, their unique friendship grew from an accidental call, a bumper sticker and a shared history of serving their country
The new in-car video system from Motorola Solutions makes it easy to capture video from the vehicle, including recording after the fact
In certain police zones, low-level criminal offenders can now be referred to the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion instead of facing criminal charges
The money is used to pay officers $70 an hour to work secondary shifts through a program spearheaded by St. Louis police Chief Robert Tracy
“Our officers are working shoulder to shoulder with the residents, the community leaders and business owners down here on the South Side,” the sergeant in charge of the patrol unit said
Transit authority will increase the number of patrol officers on trains and at stations as it tries to bring back riders after the pandemic
The trooper uses an ax to break the car’s window and then with assistance from bystanders, pushes the vehicle over from its side to extricate the driver
The cameras take visual and audio recordings when noise exceeds a pre-set decibel level
You know that dashcam video can enhance officer safety and police transparency, but do you know how to choose which system is right for your department?
Deputy Stone was eating lunch alone when three teenagers handed him a note
Many agencies still require sworn officers to perform tasks that could be handled equally well by others
A veteran officer recounts several encounters where the sturdy knife in his pocket made a big difference
If you know more criminals on your beat than citizens you protect, that’s a problem – here are four ways to remedy that
There were no injuries reported
Dash camera footage shows the officer approaching the tracks with the crossing gate still raised
The officer plays Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” as another man laughs and jams along
Assistant Chief Paul Stokes said the new version of the unit initially will focus on street-level prostitution, human trafficking and gambling in illegal game rooms
Last year a man driving a pickup truck killed eight people and seriously injured 11 others
“This is community policing on steroids,” Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said
Four individual panels move independently for a better fit, greater range of motion and full torso protection
ELSAG Senior VP Jason Laquatra tells Police1 how the company is enhancing license plate reader technology as well as the user experience
Once your agency has decided to invest in license plate reader technology, it’s important to plan ahead for an effective rollout
It will never be an easy decision
Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association claims the city violated an agreement when officers were involuntarily assigned to wear them
Two hard body armor kits will be placed in each of the approximately 60 patrol cars for officers to slip on during an active shooting scenario
Consider your agency’s needs and goals when choosing an automatic license plate reader platform
The Long Beach (Calif.) PD takes advantage of increased interoperability and data-sharing to expand its investigative reach with license plate recognition
Increase patrol officers’ productivity and enhance your agency’s investigative reach using LPR cameras and hot list data