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Digital Edition: What cops want in 2023

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If there is one word that sums up how 2022 played out for law enforcement, it would be recruitment. In addition to the recruitment of new personnel, the retention of experienced officers was also problematic. News coverage focused not only on the challenges agencies faced both recruiting new officers and retaining current personnel but also on the fallout of short staffing: overworked and fatigued officers, overtime exceeding budgets and even some agencies forced to discontinue patrols due to catastrophic staffing shortages.

What impact is short staffing, mass retirements and lateral transfers having on patrol officers? That is the question Police1 sought to answer with our third annual State of the Industry survey, sponsored by Utility, to provide law enforcement leaders and communities insight into how the police recruitment and retention crisis is impacting officers.

While many of the 4,141 respondents to our survey find fulfillment in their jobs because they are helping people on a daily basis, they are also experiencing high levels of frustration and disillusionment due to the level of political and public scrutiny they face. These negative emotions, as evidenced in our survey findings, result in many LEOs actively discouraging individuals from joining law enforcement. How police leaders can rescue this “lost generation” while also attracting the next generation of patrol officers is the focus of this special report.

Download your copy by completing the “Get Access to this Police1 Resource” box on this page!

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In the video below, we dive into the “Youth Law Enforcement Experience Programs as a Potential Recruitment Pipeline” report, showing how youth programs are crucial for the future of law enforcement. Learn how these initiatives not only boost recruitment but also strengthen community ties.

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