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On-demand webinar: Developing effective strategies to prevent and respond to school shootings

How law enforcement and educators can collaborate on improving school safety

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School shootings continue to be a major concern for both law enforcement and educators across the country. While schools remain some of the safest places for children to be, the potential for a shooting incident demands that everyone involved take proactive steps to prevent such tragedies from occurring.

Join Police1 for a panel discussion that outlines the knowledge and skills law enforcement and educators need to develop effective strategies for preventing and responding to school shootings.

This expert discussion covers a range of topics, including:

  • Understanding the nature of school shootings and the factors that contribute to them
  • Developing comprehensive prevention and intervention strategies
  • Establishing effective communication and collaboration between law enforcement and school personnel
  • Conducting effective threat assessments and implementing appropriate security measures
  • Developing crisis response plans that prioritize student and staff safety

This webinar is presented by experts in the fields of law enforcement and education, who provide participants with practical guidance on how to develop and implement effective strategies to prevent and respond to school shootings. By the end of the webinar, participants will have a deeper understanding of the strategies and tools necessary to prevent and respond to school shootings and will be better equipped to protect their schools and communities.


“Very informative and grateful for the expert panel. I took 4 pages of notes!”

“The candid discussion on the world we are engaged in was greatly appreciated.”

“Excellent information!”

“Good flow. Left with additional resources. Strong speakers.”



Left to right: Moderator Jim Dudley will be joined by Peter Blair, Ph.D., Michael Dorn and Katherine Schweit.

MODERATOR: James Dudley is a 32-year veteran of the San Francisco Police Department where he retired as deputy chief of the Patrol Bureau. He has served as the DC of Special Operations and Liaison to the Department of Emergency Management where he served as Event and Incident Commander for a variety of incidents, operations and emergencies. He has a Master’s degree in Criminology and Social Ecology from the University of California at Irvine. He is currently a member of the Criminal Justice faculty at San Francisco State University, consults on organizational assessments for LE agencies and hosts the Policing Matters podcast for Police1.

Peter Blair, Ph.D., is the executive director at Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) at Texas State University. He is a world-renowned expert on active shooter events and has published numerous books, articles, and reports on the topic. He has also presented his research on active shooter events to the FBI, PERF, police chiefs’ organizations and internationally.

Michael Dorn serves as the executive director of Safe Havens International, a global nonprofit campus safety center. During his 30-year campus safety career, Michael has served as a university police officer, corporal, sergeant and lieutenant. He served as a school system police chief for 10 years before being appointed the lead expert for the nation’s largest state government K-20 school safety center. The author of 25 books on school safety, his work has taken him to Central America, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia, South Africa and the Middle East.

Katherine Schweit is an author, attorney, former Chicago prosecutor and career FBI special agent who authored “Stop the Killing: How to End the Mass Shooting Crisis.” After the Sandy Hook school shooting, Schweit was promoted to the FBI executive ranks and joined a violence prevention team as part of a White House National Security Council effort to gather best practices from federal and private industry experts, nationally and internationally, to stop school shootings and active shooters.