Cutting Down Crime at the ATM

Oakland, Calif. - Crimes against banks are evolving. While physical banks can stay secure with access control and guards, ATMs and online services are left open to the public, making them vulnerable targets for crime.  However, there are several different ways in which we can keep ATMs and kiosks safe.

Jenny Mansson, Business Development Director for Banking and Finance for Axis Communications has some insightful tips on how we can work for keep remote banking areas secure. According to, Mansson said that remote banking crime will continue to happen unless extra measures are taken. Hiring security guards doesn’t solve issues like skimming, or other misuses. However, video surveillanceaccess control, anti-skimming software and protective ATM hardware can help to solve issues.

Banks should also be looking at their existing security systems and questioning whether or not an upgrade or integration may be necessary. ATMs should all be updated to IP technology to ensure that bank and security professionals can view images clearly and more effectively. Lighting can often be an issue with old and outdated security solutions. Making the switch to IP can fix that problem.

IP solutions help banks to solve crimes. For example, a bank in Italy, Banca d’Alba, was recently victim to a gas explosion. However, the bank had installed Axis Communications’ security cameras both in and outside of the building. The cameras survived the explosion, and were able to give more insight about the crime that occurred.

Analytics can also help to prevent crime. Alerts can be set to notify banking staff when customers are lingering in the lobby. Analytics can also be used in this way to save money, and keep their parking lots and lobbies free of crime. For example, if too many vagrants are standing around an ATM, customers will go somewhere else. With analytics, banking professionals can be notified and may then call the police to remove unwanted guests.

Updating technologies and making sure the correct software is installed are just a couple of ways that banks can make their ATMs safer. Don’t let your bank become a victim. Give Capture Technologies a call, and ask us about our banking security solutions.

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